The Benefits of a Gas Fireplace

Are you desiring a fireplace in your home, yet it wasn’t built with one? Don’t worry, like many others who have found themselves in this exact situation we have a solution. Here at Behr Necessities in Lexington, Ohio, we offer all American made fireplaces and stoves that can take many types of fuel, from gas to wood, and even electric. Because of this there is something to fit everyone’s preference. Adding a gas fireplace to your home can be done quickly and is as easy as picking out of our stock which fireplace you would like to have. There are many benefits to adding a fireplace or stove to your home, most notable of them, the heat and comfort they can bring. So let’s go over some of the other benefits gas fireplaces can have.

Gas fireplaces are convenient and easy to maintain. They eliminate the task of having to go out and find wood to burn. There is no messy chopping or collecting of firewood or having to find a nice dry place to store it for those colder months. Having heat in your home is just a flip of a switch away. They do not need a chimney which means you can store one in any room of your home, instantly making it more comfortable.

Gas fireplaces are considered to be a lot safer as they do not create sparks or have open flames. There is no worry about toxic fumes with a gas fireplace either, making this a great option for if you have children or pets. These fireplaces are very low maintenance as well, there is not ash from a burning element so there is no need for the messy cleanup.

Gas fireplaces produce less emissions than wood-burning fireplaces and because of this there is no ban on them. They are considered to be more environmentally friendly because they burn much cleaner. Last but not least, gas fireplaces are usually cheaper to install. They can save up to 25% on your energy bill, especially if you do zone heating, which means you heat a room only when you are using it. These are only some of the reasons why a gas fireplace would benefit your home. If you are interested in installing a gas fireplace in your home call the office at 419-884-3988 so we can help you get started on having the most comfortable home possible.


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