Warm Up In Time For Winter With Us!

Home Is Where The Hearth Is!

Winter can be cold and desolate. What better way to warm up and make your home more welcoming than with a fireplace? A fireplace will not only heat your home, but it will create a warm ambiance for you and your family. With 20 years of experience, our staff is here to ensure you receive a home warming solution that fits your budget, space, and taste.

Among the benefits of having a fireplace is the most important one, warmth. If you live in an area with often cold winters, there is always a chance of losing power. However, you will no longer have to worry about that with a wood-burning fireplace. When the power goes out, you can now warm your house and produce sufficient light to hold you over until your utilities are fixed. You also leave behind a zero carbon footprint while using a sustainable energy source when you burn wood which is easier to replace than coal or gas. You will be able to help the environment with a fireplace while heating your home in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.

With a fireplace, you will create a pleasant, welcoming aroma in your household. They serve as a natural element to your house that you otherwise would not have by being a means of creating natural light and becoming a decorative focal point of your home. It could even become a reason for gatherings as it makes a warmer area in your home and is inviting to guests.

Beat your winter blues by upgrading your living space with a wood-burning fireplace. Visit our showroom in Lexington to find what fits your space best. Or simply give us a call (419)884-3988 to speak to one of our hearth professionals and figure out a plan for your soon-to-be beautiful, warm home!


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