The Tempest Torch At Behr Necessities

The Illustrious Tempest Torch

Outdoor lighting has met luxury in the best way possible. Now at Behr Necessities, we offer a product named The Tempest Torch. This new product features a gas-burning light where the flame is encased within glass walls.

This stylish torch has three styles in which you can mount it to a pillar, post mount, or wall mount. These give you the availability to upgrade your home, the front of a business, or your outdoor living space. Your new Tempest Torch can be connected to its own manual lighting system, an electric ignition system, or to your existing automatic lighting system. Setting your new torch up to these systems allows for several torches to be lit and extinguished simultaneously.

The Tempest Torch has a design described as the natural venturi effect where the flame spirals and dances within the walls of the glass. As the wondrous flame continues to dance, you can expect wherever you have this torch mounted to be the best area around. Because of this beautiful display, it has been awarded the title of Best Outdoor Room Furnishing and Best of Show for all Products at the Hearth, Patio, and BBQ Expo. This gas-burning dancing flame will be a great conversation starter for your guests, customers, and your family.

If this sounds like the addition your living space needs, make your way down to our showroom in Lexington! To see more about the Tempest Torch or to see more of what we offer, visit our website.


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